Today's Media Is Awesome, With the Freedom, and Portability, what could be wrong? Well ..., While Today's media is Perfect, it's also Horrible with the Bias, the Politics, and The Stretching. Confused? Let me explain.

News and Media have been around for a Couple Centuries, Before Newspapers, Or Tv's or The Internet, People used to 'gossip' News Around, Then came the founding of the first newspaper in the 16th Century. And Wow was this a Wonderful Thing, A Paper Where you have All The News, Sports' Drawing and Things you never thought of.

I honestly Love how Newspapers Quickly became Common, In Europe and North America, Newspapers were Wonderful, but now Let's Take a Step Back from Newspapers.

Let's Dive into Online Media, The First Online Media Site came in 1983 by A this Company Called Knight-rider, It was the first system designed to send news paperless, let's consumers/readers read their daily news, But there was a Horrible Disadvantage of this, It ran on Readers, and It's Needed a Special Keyboard and Terminal to Run. Even though it got a few Thousand Subscribers, It just Flopped.

The First Actual Online Media as we know Today Came by 1988, A Few Years Later. An Internet Provider Company By the name of Prodigy was Offering News to People Computers. In 1990, CNN and Other News Companies Started Launching News Sites as we know it on The WWW (World Wide Web) and This Was Wonderful. Now That we've gone through the history of everything, Let's Dive into Why Today's Media has A problem.

Today's media is Good, It's Wonderful to See Websites Popping up and How Easy it is to get the News We Want Every Day, But We if look carefully and Open our eyes, we Would see the Problems with it. Let me Start with Saying that As I' 'm writing this I am Not Bias while Writing this. Okay.

We all know how Political Things Lately are, and I don't have a problem bringing this up. We know that they're two main parties or Views, Liberal and Conservative or in The American Style, Democratic, and Republic, and I respect that people have other views, Politics in News isn't the Only Problem, Politics in the News IS fine, But at a certain point where the news is Heavily Favoring is Also Fine, But if they Strech the news, Change it to fit their Views, THAT IS NOT RIGHT.

There are 5 Types of Political Bias, Center, Leaning Right, Right, Leaning Left, and Left. Let me Explain which Each one Means.


A Center Bias is Perfect, It's Means that that News Company or Site has No Bias or Political Views that they Express on their Sits, Sites such as the USA Today and Bloomberg are Center News Site, They don't favor a Certain Change, Party or View.

Leaning Right and Right

Leaning Right and Right Is Republican View, Such as Lowering Taxes, Using Military Force, Etc, Sites Such as This are Highly Loveful of Trump and or the Republican Party.

Leaning Left and Left

There is only one Political View Left, and that is the Liberal/Democratic View, These Sites Favour the Democratic Views and Parties.

Now That's Covered each View, Let's Talk about What Else Type Of Vias there is, I want to Step away from the Political Views and Come back to it By The End of the Post.

Now there are 11 Types of Non-Polical Bias, And I'm not going to go Into Each One, But I will go through a View to Tell You What It is.

But Before I talk about that, Do you see what I Mean when I Said "Today's Media is Horrible" at the Start of this Post, I hope you do Because people must understand this, Political bias is one of them, but not all. You might be wondering why I am doing this, I wrote that at the end of this post, If you would love to know.

But, For Now, Let's dive Back into the Post!